Stitching is a music theatre piece that tells its story through drama, music and multimedia. Play by Colin Stanley Bell. Music and additional text by Sarah O'Halloran. Composed 2013/2014.

Workshop performance by George Washington University faculty and students as part of Sarah O'Halloran's residency at the Department of Music.

Stitching tells the story of Lana and her Nana, who have lived together since Lana was little. All they have is each other, and they share a life full of imaginative stories. These stories protect them from the harshness of life. Recently Nana hasn't been doing very well. Her memory is starting to fail, so Lana looks after her as best she can. She's afraid to ask anyone for help because they don't want to be separated. Besides, who would she ask? After finding Nana waiting at a bus stop in her nightdress, Tom, the local postman decides to get involved. He takes Lana on a journey through time and space to try to recover her Nana's memories. Will she succeed?